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Good for humans, Great for business

Turn your open office into a just-right-for-you, designed-to-adapt work space for collaboration, inspiration, quiet focus, loud conversation, private chats, large gatherings—what you need, when you need it. 


The booth that’s built with an eye for superior human-centered design and a mind for smart business.


JumpBooth is the ultimate happy place for busy people in a bustling open office. And what’s good for humans is great for business! A well-used JumpBooth means fewer distractions, higher productivity, and a solution that can flex as your business scales.

  • Ideal for undisturbed, private phone/video calls

  • Custom interior finishes and branded exteriors

  • Sound-absorbent walls

  • Optimal Ventilation


The modular office seating that brings people together, around, in, along, and on and on.


Inspired by traditional tiered stadium seating, JumpBench offers a unique, modular, and accommodating solution for team gatherings—large or small. And bonus—the JumpBench interior doubles as a cozy nook for one or two to make the occasional escape from an active open office to take a quick call or a power nap.

  • Flexible seating for small teams or all-team gatherings

  • Cozy interior nooks for one or two

  • Custom colors and branded elements


Looking for a more custom solution?


Work with our designers to create your just-right workspace by applying JumpWorks style and principles to your unique environment. That means you get a custom office design solution that’s beautiful, super-adaptable, good for people, and great for business.

  • Design that’s good for humans and for business

  • Natural materials that reduce stress and improve wellness

  • CNC fabrication that allows for affordable fabrication of high-end design elements