A small but mighty team of designers and builders set out to create the most beautiful, sustainable, and adaptable workplace modulars on the market.

JumpWorks is the happy result. The maker: LMNOP Design Inc., a design+build studio that’s been working with Bay Area companies for the last seven years conceiving and creating innovative design solutions for offices, outdoor spaces, and special events.

In those seven years, LMNOP Founder/Principal Tyler Pew and his team have made a study of the open office — its highs and its lows — and developed a reputation for coming up with creative solutions to the most intractable problems faced by the fast-growing, ever-changing Bay Area businesses that work in them. And with digital fabrication tools like CNC, laser cutting, and 3D printing in their design+build studio in the Mission District, LMNOP is able to affordably make these solutions available to Bay Area companies.


People like us!

"Since these Booths are mobile, we can place them virtually anywhere we’d like, so we put ours at the front of the office where people pass them on the way to our meeting rooms. Now people step into a Booth instead of a room meant for larger meetings. Our JumpBooths have given us more control over our office layout and flow.

"Not only are the booths a great resource for employees but they add to our overall office aesthetic. The design and materials are beautiful and with our logo added, it feels like it was custom-designed for our space."

Rainforest QA Inc.



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