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Good for humans, Great for business

Bring your people together.


Inspired by traditional tiered stadium seating, JumpBench offers a unique, modular, and accommodating solution for team gatherings—large or small.
Bonus: The JumpBench interior doubles as a cozy nook for one or two to make the occasional escape from an active open office to take a quick call or a power nap.


There’s a thoughtful reason behind every design decision and material that goes into any JumpWorks design.

That reason: the humans who will use it. We know, for instance, that natural materials have been proven to reduce stress and improve wellness. So we use natural materials—inside and out. JumpBench’s friendly, functional form—with our signature perf-cut corners and light-toned wood finish—invites people to gather on, in, and around it.

Flex as your business changes and scales.

Hosting a talk or screening? Line them up, facing front. Need a team pow-wow? Circle them around, facing each other. Not needing your gathering space for anything in particular? Leave them in any configuration and see how people climb onto and into the comfortable spaces they create for quiet work, one-on-one conversations, or even quick naps. Growing your team beyond the number of people your JumpBenches hold? Order more. A set of JumpBenches can adapt and change as fast as your business does.



You can make your JumpBench your own.

Choose your preferred colors. Add your company logo or other brand messaging. We’ll make it happen.

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