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Good for humans, Great for business

The ultimate happy place in a busy open office.



There’s a thoughtful reason behind every design decision and material that goes into JumpBooth.

That reason: the humans who will be in and out of it. We know, for instance, that natural materials have been proven to reduce stress and improve wellness. So we use natural materials—inside and out. JumpBooth’s friendly, modern profile—with its signature perf-cut corners and light-toned wood finish—makes it a beautiful addition to just about any office. And its simple, softly lit interior makes it an inviting solo workspace for focus and/or privacy.

Lots of businesses are catching on. The booth concept is a very smart way to get the best of both worlds.

You can enjoy the cost-effectiveness, scalability, and collaborative potential of the open office. You can also give your people the private, distraction-free spaces they sometimes need (and that ups productivity!). And it’s a solution that can flex as your business scales. Need two right now, but might need ten in six months? Our shop can deliver. Better yet, our ability to fabricate JumpBooth at home in the Bay Area has the surprising result of making JumpBooth more affordable than any other high-end booth on the market.



You can make your JumpBooth your own.

Choose your preferred colors. Add your company logo or other brand messaging to the exterior walls or doors. Also choose between a range of colors, finishes, and furnishings for the interior of your JumpBooth.

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